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MeasureMap Android version released !!!

Many of our users demanded it, so here it is:
We are proud to announce that we have just released new Android versions of Measure Map (normal, lite and Pro) in Google Play.

Measure Map on Google Play

Please feel free to email us with your comments on it.

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Street View in Measure Map and Measure Map Pro

Short video tutorial about how to access Street View from Measure Map and how to get directions to a place in Apple Maps:

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Measure Map with access to Google Maps in IOS 6

We are glad to announce that the new version of Measure Map has been finally approved by Apple. It has taken more time than we thought, but it’s finally here. Please update your Measure Map App and you will be able to access Google Maps in IOS 6. Not just that. We have also included an extra zoom to be able to place points with even more precision than before.

You can now safely update to IOS 6 without loosing Google Maps and still have access to Apple’s maps as well.

Thank you for your patience.

We are working at this moment to provide the App access to additional map sources, so keep an eye on us.

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Tim Cook apologizes for Apple Maps

The letter

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Measure Map Pro Giveaway

Our friends at appGiveaway have 20 codes to download it:

App Giveaway

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iPlanMyRoute just released !!!!

iPlanMyRoute, a new App to plan routes over Google Maps is waiting for Apple’s Approval. If you like Measure Map you will love iPlanMyRoute:

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Measure Map Pro. The isle problem on polygons.

Measure Map Pro allows to subtract areas from a polygon solving the isle problem … or how to create a “hole” in a Polygon.

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Measure Map includes iCloud® online service support

The new version of Measure Map includes support for iCloud. Perform measurements with your iPhone or iPad and use other iPhones or iPads automatically without doing anything, just the files are there.

Using the iCloud feature of Measure Map also allows to perform a backup in the cloud automatically. Make sure the measurements you take ​​are not lost accidentally.

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New Here Easy

New App [Here Easy]:

Find out where you are as easy as pressing a button. Start the App and immediately it will show you the exact location on the map, displaying the coordinates, altitude over the sea level and the address you are on. Then email it or send an SMS. As easy as that.

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